We’ve all experienced those pesky mosquitoes. You’re out in the yard trying to enjoy a barbecue with family and friends or maybe just relaxing and reading a book. Then it starts, you hear them buzzing all around. Over and over you try to swat them a dozen times or more then all of a sudden you feel it! That feeling of being bitten one to many times and then being forced to retreat back into your home. But where could they be coming from? It could be just about anywhere, a low spot in the lawn or even a toy left in the yard collecting water, there are many other possibilities. It’s not just annoying, it’s dangerous! Mosquitoes are carriers of several human diseases such as the West Nile and Zika viruses. It’s time to fight back and reclaim your yard.

Call Maine’s Best Choice Pest Management today and we’ll find those breeding sites and take control of those pesky mosquitoes around your home and leave you with the peace of mind knowing your yard is a safer place.