Spiders are arthropods which have 8 legs and 2 body regions (head and thorax) and an abdomen connected by a tiny waist. They usually have 8 eyes but some spiders have 6. There are 2 jaws which end in a hollow fang that are connected to a poison duct.  Only two spider groups are considered dangerous to humans, these are the recluse and widow spiders.

Spiders serve a purpose when they are outside but all too often spiders find a way into our homes where they may bite or frighten your family or guests. If you’re troubled by spiders in or around your home or business, give Maine’s Best Choice Pest Management a call today and we’ll get those spiders under control.


Frequently Asked Questions

Are all spiders poisonous?

Yes – That is to their prey! All spiders have a pair of poison glands with ducts that supply venom to the hollow jaws. Spiders will inject the venom and/or digestive juices into live or recently killed prey in order to feed. However relatively few spiders are dangerous to humans.

How many kinds of spiders are there?

There are over 35,000 species of spiders found worldwide but only about 1,000 of those have been found in the continental U.S and Canada. Many of those were brought in from Europe.

Are the garden daddy long leg spiders poisonous?

The garden daddy long leg isn’t a spider. They have three broadly – jointed body regions a (head, thorax, and a segmented abdomen), one pair of eyes and they are non-venomous. They will feed on vulnerable insects and plant juices.